Monday, March 22, 2010

I cooked!! Well...sort of

Just 12 days away from our due date now! So excited to meet our baby girl soon!!

In an increasingly rare burst of prior planning and energy, I managed to gather the ingredients to prepare a dinner yesterday that went beyond baked chicken and veggies. While it did rely on the slow cooker, I'm totally still counting it! :)

I made this Southwestern Pulled Brisket that I found over at Smitten Kitchen and it was so tasty! I'm definitely more of a pork BBQ girl but this recipe will be working its way into the rotation for sure (especially if brisket keeps going on sale at Publix). We made ours into sandwiches with coleslaw and there are plenty of leftovers...which I'm pretty sure means I get credit for dinner again tonight! Yay! :)

You'll have to rely on Smitten Kitchen's pictures...our camera/video camera/ and what feels like everything we own is packed up in the hospital bags sitting by the door just waiting for a certain little girl to decide she's ready to enter the world!

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Abby said...

Any day now! Exciting!

I had brisket for the first time ever last weekend at a fairly new restaurant here in Winston. I, too, am more of a pork bbq girl I must say. (But it would be sacriligious to be otherwise since I'm a North Carolinian, right?!)