Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Million Dollar Dog

In this time of economic turmoil, I thought I'd share with you one of our most significant investments. Quite costly, lots of risk but really great rewards....some days more than others as you'll read below...

His name is Deacon, but he responds only to Sir. As in "Excuse me, Sir...would you like to go outside now?" or "If it's not too much trouble, Sir, I'd love to have my seat on the couch back."

I blogged about Deacon's hip surgery and recovery numerous times on here over the last 3 months. We definitely breathed a sigh of relief when that was all over...the surgery, the prescriptions, the followup xrays...let me tell you, that doesn't come cheap. We naively thought the worst was behind us.

We've had quite a crazy 72 hours with our wonderpup. Turns out pink eye is just as contagious among dogs as it is kids and apparently just as rampant in daycare. You want to have a good time? Try getting eye drops in a wriggly dog that is pretty sure you are trying to kill him. After about 10 minutes of trying each time (3 times a day) he pretty much has eye drops everywhere but in his eye.
But it gets better (or worse). Yesterday when I got home, I found several hot pink shards in the bathroom that looked a little suspect. Upon closer examination, I was able to fit some pieces back together...just enough to clearly see the word "Bic"...and that's how I discovered that Deacon had eaten a disposable razor. Ugh.

So after a panicked phone call to Jake and the vet, off we went to get xrays which confirmed the genius that is Deacon by a shiny, bright razor-shaped spot in his tummy. And now we're playing the waiting game for the next 36 hours and maintaining a vigilant poop patrol to make sure all passes uneventfully. Isn't that fantastic?!?

I asked the vet if they would consider a frequent patient discount program...they tried to tell me about pet health insurance but I'm pretty sure we'd have a tough time sneaking Deacon by the rigorous insurability questionnaires. I'd wager a guess you have to pay big time premiums for a dog who has shown a penchant for razors in the past...
For now Deacon is relaxing and enjoying the extra attention...here's hoping everything comes out ok!! :)

He doesn't seem overly concerned...he tends to leave the worrying to his mama!


Southern Gal said...

I hope everything "comes out" ok too!! If razors are anything like pennies, it should! I speak from personal experience - with myself - not a dog unfortunately.

The Mauntel's said...

I THOUGHT dogs were easier than kids. It sounds like you have your hands full! We hope you guys are doing well!

Heather said...

This has a familiar ring- maybe you should write a book called "Deacon & Me"

keLi said...

No worries. Eventually they'll nationalize health care for dogs. Ahem.