Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hungry Girl Hotcakes

I'm obsessed with the Hungry Girl website these days. I especially love when she takes some of my favorite fast food type meals and makes her own leaner version. (If that appeals to you, go to her site and sign up for her emails...she featured a swap yesterday for the Taco Bell Crunchwrap Supreme...which one of my fabulously witty friends cleverly named the "Fat Frisbee" back when they first came gross if you stop and think about what you're just don't think...or make Hungry Girl's better-for-you version!)

Last week I found a swap she did for IHOP's chocolate chip pancakes and tried it out this past Monday morning since we were both home from work. I like her simple recipes because once you make a few you'll find you have ingredients on hand to make almost everything in her cookbook/on her site. These pancakes did not disappoint and were the perfect breakfast to savor a Monday morning when we could actually sleep in!

Just 4 pts for 2 pancakes (maybe a tad more if you go a little heavier on the sugar free maple syrup and add some sugar free chocolate syrup drizzles!)

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Heather said...

looks like a nice MLK morning for you!