Monday, December 8, 2008

Design on a Dime

I had high hopes of getting my act together to have a Christmas open house again this year. We did this little get together the first year we were married for friends...and haven't been able to repeat the event even though it was so much fun and I love having people over when the house is decorated.

And with Deacon still on the DL it looks like this year will be no different. Considering he still acts like it makes his life when we come home from work or wake up in the morning and wants to get super-excited, we can't exactly have a house full of people. So instead, I'll just post pictures of my decorations here! :)

For Thanksgiving, I created this little centerpiece out of a fall branch I found at Publix and other things I already had at home. The branch is weighted in the vase by black-eyed peas and leftover beads that I used to make the napkin rings. My sister proclaimed it the "autumnal tree"...and sure you couldn't really see around it or through it when you sat down at the table...but I really liked it!

I'm one of those girls that hurries into the "Christmas closet" as soon as the last Thanksgiving dish is washed, dried, and put away. I couldn't wait to try to put together this centerpiece idea I had seen in Pottery Barn. Of course, Pottery Barn charges $24 per frosted branch and something else outrageous per glass icicle. I think my recreation turned out really well...and came in way under budget as they say on my favorite home design shows on HGTV.

I found the branch on a walk with Deacon one morning and lugged it home. It was enormous and I'm pretty sure Deacon and Jake were both completely embarrassed by my lagging behind them with half a tree in tow. All in the name of savings! I then left it in the garage for a couple months until Jake was really about to send it to the curb after tripping over it several times. Sure, the branches aren't perfectly faux-frosted like PB's...but they were free and it rarely frosts in Florida!

I found this crystal star ornament at TJMaxx and just loved it! It's pretty heavy so I had to use some fishing line to secure it to the chandelier.

And the icicles were also purchased at TJMaxx for a low, low price. The vase and pebbles I already had at home. And that's it! We can't really use our table now because it's quite large...and we're a bit afraid of putting an eye out. But I love the way the star and icicles sparkle under the chandelier!


Heather said...

Looks Lovely My Dear! Very festive... although I do wish you were having a parte'! Show me your tree!!!

Heather said...

by the way... there is absolutely nothing wrong with lugging a branch home from a walk... tell jake i gave you two thumbs up... and who cares about eyeballs?