Monday, November 24, 2008

Festival of Trees

Yesterday was the last day of our local Festival of Trees. Every year around this time the Orlando Museum of Art becomes home to a glittering collection of fantastically decorated trees, wreaths, and gingerbread houses. It's a fun way to spend an afternoon and a great way to kick off the holiday season. Here's some pics from the festival...Courtney celebrates Christmas at Hogwarts with Harry Potter....and I'm with some kind of Mardi Gras-fabulous tree.

I'm not one that needs much prodding to get into the holiday spirit. I LOVE Christmas and all that comes with it. I just love decorating our home for the holidays...I love all the baking and cooking and lights and decorations. Floridians do it up right when it comes to holiday lights...we don't get cold weather or snow so we make it feel like Christmas with LOTS (!!) of twinkle lights. Last year, we grabbed some Starbucks and hopped in the car to drive around and look at some of the lights in our neighborhood...we weren't disappointed and can't wait to go again this year! I'll have to get pictures so you can fully understand what I mean...

Anyway, despite my love for Christmas, it is also important to me that Thanksgiving has its day. So normally the Christmas songs and decorations don't come out until the last of the leftovers have disappeared. But this year, I'm finding myself sneakily listening to the all Christmas station (105.9 for my fellow Orlando residents) in my car...and just itching to get out the holiday trappings!

So spending some time walking around the Festival of Trees with my sister did me some good yesterday. After a little hint of Christmas, I'm ready to prepare my first Thanksgiving meal and then get the house all decorated with the help of family that will be in town. I'm trying some new Thanksgiving if they turn out, you'll see them here soon! :)

And lastly here's a cutie picture of Deacon I took this weekend...a little sunshine and fresh air to help him continue to feel better! 2 weeks down....6 more to go!


Kara said...

YEA - looks like Deacon is feeling better (even with the poor performance of his namesake team this weekend)!

And I TOO love early Christmas tunes! Found (and tuned into) the 24/7 Christmas music station here just this past weekend!

Heather said...

That picture of your boy is adorable. He looks so grown up.

I haven't been SNEAKING Christmas music, it is playing loud and proud. I loved the Festival of Trees- my favorite was the Nutcrackers and the tree made with wine corks (brilliant).