Friday, July 18, 2008


Last night we tried a new chicken burrito recipe from epicurious. After we both finished eating, we starting talking about whether or not this particular meal was "blog-worthy". While we finally concluded it probably wasn't, I think the basic recipe is just needs some fixin' up! I prepare a lot of Mexican at home and am always looking for new dishes....this one just wasn't as good as others we've prepared. The chicken itself had a good flavor but there wasn't enough heat. So next time, I think I would throw in some jalapeno or habenero with the poblano. And maybe some black beans. I think that's the real issue...we're both used to burritos that come fully loaded so this one just seemed like it was missing something. I should have used a better taco sauce too...Live and learn!

I did get a chance to try out the Ole Xtreme Wellness Fat Free Tortillas I picked up a while back. We both agreed they were great tortillas...and tasted even better since we knew they were fat free and had extra fiber and other good things! So while the burrito recipe maybe wasn't such a keeper, I definitely want to try the other varieties of the Xtreme Wellness Tortillas!

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