Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

We just got back in town from a great weekend over in Palm Coast, FL for Jake's law firm retreat! Very relaxing and definitely a great getaway! My parents were in town this weekend for a conference so we got to take my dad to dinner for Father's Day! So great! Living in different states has made it hard to get to celebrate father's day in person for the past few years so it was so wonderful to get to spend time with my dad on the day set aside to honor dads!

We celebrated by going to Seasons52 which is my parents favorite restaurant in Orlando. I'm always trying to get them to try a new spot but I have to's hard to beat Seasons52!! Their menu is constantly changing based on what foods are at the peak of their season. You can definitely taste the freshness in every one of their dishes! And with everything on the menu coming in under 475 calories you don't even have to feel guilty eating out! My favorites are the desserts that come in shot glasses...just the perfect little taste of something sweet to finish your meal!

Happy Father's Day, Dad!! I'm so blessed to have you for a dad!!

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